Muscle Mind Connection

A major part to one’s fitness routine that I think commonly gets overlooked is muscle mind connection. Muscle mind connection happens more in the small accessory movements, rather than a more complex movement like the back squat. All too often when preforming these smaller movements, we tend to get caught up talking to our friends, find ourselves[…]

Coach Ali Reflects on 6-Week Barbell Class

So here I sit, the day after the last night of our 6 week barbell class, and I am at a loss for words. Nine members spent the last six Wednesday nights with me breaking down the Olympic lifts and starting from scratch. There were times of frustration throughout the weeks, but many more times[…]

Accessories: Why Banded Leg Curls Are Just As Important As Your Knee Sleeves

There is an often overlooked element to a training program, at least a balanced program, which can add great benefits to an athlete.  Accessory work should be considered a must and not an, “if I have time”.  It is almost cliche to tell a CrossFitter to knock out a few hammer curls after a conditioning[…]

Scaling: It’s Going to Get Personal

“Scaling: The idea is to challenge yourself with all the exercises, neither holding back on a strength nor pushing too hard on a weakness” – Clea Weiss Whenever I suggest to someone that they should come try a CrossFit class, I usually get one of three answers: “I can’t do those things, like a pull-up” “I’m[…]

The Why Behind Wanting To Help You

CrossFit Oshkosh is entering its fourth year of operation.  Over time things have changed, people have come and gone, and we have been through the clichéd “ups and downs.”  Recently I sat down and started to think about where we once were, where we are, and where we are going.  This made me laugh and[…]

5 Benefits to Eating Whole Foods You May Haven’t Heard About Yet

We all know that eating whole, nutritious foods is a major part to living out a healthy lifestyle. Us CrossFitters know that keeping our diet clean is also key to helping our performance improve, and maybe someday having a body that somewhat resembles our favorite pro-CrossFitter’s physique. But there are so many other benefits to[…]

Staying Wholesome And Healthy While Hitting The Road

Although at times it may not feel like it, spring and summer are sneaking up right around the corner. For many people this means more traveling. It may be a quick day trip or a 2-week long road trip across the country, but as the weather gets warmer more people leave behind their winter hibernation[…]

Don’t Be Like Dave…

You may have recently seen a rather disturbing photo floating around the internet (surprising, right?), specifically within the CrossFit community.  The photo was posted by 3 times CrossFit Games competitor Emily Abbott. If you weren’t aware, making it to The CrossFit Games is not an easy task, let alone qualifying to go three times and[…]

Small Tweaks and Big Impacts: A story of falling off the wagon and then crawling back on

Fitness can be a fickle mistress.  The idea of staying fit, eating healthy, and adopting a régime which allows you to do everything you want in life can be daunting.  I found this out recently and have a brand new point of empathy.  It is hard to get back into shape and it is hard[…]