Frequently Asked Questions

Am I too old for CrossFit?

-No, we can scale any workout to any age or ability.

Am I too out of shape for CrossFit?

-There is a common misconception that one must be in shape to do CrossFit.  This is a mind set which is preventing the clients we want to walk through our doors (we want everyone, do not misconstrue this statement).  We want to help the people who feel like they can never get back to where they once were, or they are too far gone to be assisted.  You do CrossFit to get back into shape, not just stay in shape.

What do I have to do to get started?

-You first must go through our initial training program.  This consists of five classes where we teach you the fundamentals and expose you to how our program works.  These can be done individually or in a group.  In these classes you will be brought up to speed on everything from acronyms to the basics of Olympic weightlifting.

*this can be waived if you have experience in Olympic lifting and proper exercise mechanics.  It will be at the discretion of the Head Coach!  

After the initial sessions do I have to do group classes?

-No, we offer you the option of starting group classes or continuing on an individualized program.

Will you offer more than just CrossFit?

-Yes, we have classes which revolve around weightlifting, competition, and other specialized classes such as Kids.

If I drop in can we talk about CrossFit for countless hours?

-Absolutely, but we have also been known to talk about nutrition, football, military topics, weightlifting, or musicals.